Combo and Recycled Pallets

The Wood Packaging Life-Cycle continues at CFP with Recycled and Combo Pallets. CFP reclaims component parts from waste pallets to build our Combo recycled pallets or we repair existing pallets.

Combo Pallets – These pallets are made from reclaiming components from waste pallets in combination with new lumber. CFP uses the Pallet Design System © to insure we are building Combo pallets to your specifications. Combo Recycled Pallets are win-win! They are less costly to manufacture which saves you money while saving trees.

Recycled Pallets – CFP repairs and sells standard commodity pallets such as: 48×40 GMA in all grades, 48×48 Drum pallets, 42×42, 44×44, 45×45, CP 1 and 3 and Euro pallets. Please contact us to find out about additional sizes.